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We’re delighted to welcome you to another edition of the Pixbo Wallenstam Summer Experience – a floorball camp for girls and boys from 10 to 17. Star Camp has been an annual summer event since 2000.

Our goal is to give you an unforgettable week – and, of course, an opportunity to meet new friends from floorball countries all over the world.

Registrated participants 2016 >

Meet the stars!

You will be trained in accordance with the Pixbo Wallenstam method, emphasizing fun, skills and lots of playing. There will be two training sessions daily. Weekday training will take place in central Mölnlycke, where the final tournament will also be staged. This is where all the participants face off.

Our experienced leaders and well-known players offer personal tips on how to improve your play. At Star Camp, you will meet several of the world’s finest floorball players – all of them happy to autograph your caps and t-shirts.

Food, lodging and equipment

During the week, a first-class breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper is on us. You'll be living with your friends in an annex to the Sports Center. You can either bring your own bed/inflatable mattress etc, or rent a bed from us. In either case you should bring your own duvet, bed linen and pillow. Camp leaders will be living with the participants.

Coming and going - Star Camp 2017

The Camp will run and re-run over four weeks, so you are sure to find a week that suits you. Available weeks are:

- Week 1: Saturday 17 June – Thursday 22 June
- Week 2: Sunday 25 June -
Friday 30 June
- Week 3: Sunday 2 July – Friday 7 July
- Week 4: Sunday 9 July – Friday 14 July

The first day every week the participants will check in at 5 o’clock in the afternoon outside Wallenstamhallen in Mölnlycke. The last day every week the camp ends at 2 p.m.

What it costs

The fee for one week at Star Camp:

  • 2 990 SEK
  • Option 1: Bed or madrass 200 SEK extra
  • Option 2: Helmet or stick from Unihoc or Zone, 350 SEK extra
  • Option 3: Shirt with your own chosen name and number, se price in registration
  • Registration here >

Apart from room and board, the fee also covers insurance, t-shirt and shorts. Not included: fees for voluntary excursions, to be paid upon departure.

Information to participants who order a stick or helmet

As a participant at Star Camp 2017 you will have the chance of getting a brand new stick or helmet for only 350 SEK. There will be a lot of great sticks and helmets from the latest collections from ZONE and UNIHOC.

When you get to camp, you will do your choice of stick or helmet. You will then receive your selected product during the week.

Sign-up, payment, confirmation

Final day of entry is May 1, 2017. Registration to Star Camp 2017 is made on this page.

Star Camp scholarship - nominate your candidate

Each year since 2012, Pixbo Wallenstam Floorball awards a scholarship to promising youth players. The scholarship is aimed at youth players aged 12-15 years.

Criterias for nominating a player:

- The player is 12-15 years old.
- Ambitious and talented floorball player.
- Humble and a friendly fellow

The scholarship entails the player to one week at Star Camp where they will do the same things as all the other participants. What sets this apart from the others is that he/she will train once with Pixbo’s SSL-team and play with them against the other Star Camp-participants.

The scholars will also get a team shirt from Pixbo with their name and number, and also a Zone T-shirt with the autographs of Pixbo’s elite players.

The one who nominates the player should be the player’s coach or similar and know the player well. The nomination should include the player’s age, team and a motivation to how the player fulfills the criteria.

Responsible for nomination of candidates is Kalevi Pessi, general manager of Pixbo Wallenstam Floorball, email address: kalevi.pessi@pixbo.se

Scholarship winners:

Alexandra Ålund, Hofterup IBF, född 2004
Jonathan Möller, Ängby IF, född 2002

Rikke Ingebrigtsli Hansen, Tunet IBK, born 2000
Mikael Danielsson, Hagfors IBS, born 2001

Linnéa Wilhelmsson, Lindome IBK, born 1999
Casper Sletten, Sveiva Innebandy, born 2000

Josefine Wålinder, Lindås IBK, born 1998
Joel Birgersson, Bua IF, born 1999

Mathilda Jansson, Hagfors IF, Born 1999

See the movie here: SC-scholarship >

In closing

You are very welcome to a week full of, but not limited to, floorball! If you have any questions about the camp, please contact us by e-mail.

Address: info@starcamp.se


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